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Hey everyone, thanks for checking us out!

We’ve got a new site now, please see for the latest cycling events and news in Hangzhou!


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The Splinter Bike

Coming at you live from Shenzhen, after the Asia Fixed Gear Championships: something nothing to do with Shenzhen, Hangzhou, or Asia.Bike blog : Michael Thompson, the creator of the SplinterBike

The Splinter Bike. It sounds like a villian of the bike word, something Shredder from TMNT would ride. And of course, it’s fixed.

Apparently, it’s the result of a bet between a carpenter and his cyclist friend, and they’re trying to find sponsors for the apparently hefty sum of money  (about 15 grand US) required to set the land speed record for…wooden bikes?

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2011 Asia Fixed Gear Championships

The 2011 Asia Fixed Gear Championships is soon upon us! I just got my flights and and am psyched to kick ass in the most sedentary competition: track stands. I’m also planning some good times with the alleycat and sprints; those prizes look good!

I like to think I have a nice bike, but I’m still not clear on what a bike show-off is. Is it a person who shows off on his bike? Who shows off his bike? A bike-porn convention in which an army of janitors continually squeegee the drool away?

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